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Budget 2018 and effects on Houisng Market 04 November 2018

We have very much become accustomed to the little red box and the chancellors annual readjustment of taxes to stem the tide of our economy in a Robin Hood attempt to typically give more to the poor, taking extra from the rich. Applying this to our Housing crisis what preciously has been announced and how will this fix our housing market? Within the Budget on 29th October 2018 the chancellor Philip Hammond did accept that measured were required to fix the market, boost prosperity and increase living standards.... Read More

FULL-TIME VACANCY (Residential Block Manager) 20 October 2018

Salary: Competitive depending on experience Hours: Full Time Permanent We are currently seeking a Residential Block Manager to deal with a small portfolio of residential blocks within the Stroud District. A minimum of 2 years on the job block management experience is preferred.... Read More

FULL-TIME VACANCY (Residential Lettings Negotiator) 20 October 2018

We currently have a vacancy for a highly motivated person to join our busy and ever expanding Lettings department. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of two years" experience within Residential Lettings and be ARLA Qualified, have good communication and administration skills along with a passion for property.... Read More

Probate Valuations 15 October 2018

Q: I have recently lost my aunt and have been informed in the will that she had listed me as the executor of her estate. I am told that I need to arrange for her assets to be valued including her house. How do I go about this? A: As a matter of fact I have undertaken 2 valuations under similar circumstances recently and it is something which Estate Agents are often asked to do.... Read More

New S21 regulations 01 October 2018

Q : What is happening with S21 notices again as they seem to keep changing what we need to do and I am getting somewhat confused. A: You are not wrong is what you have stated and yes changes for England have occurred from 1st October 2018. Prior this this tenancies taken out from October 2015 needed to be in a prescribed format to include a Form 6A.... Read More

Rent a Room Scheme 01 September 2018

Q Pennies are short at present and I have a spare room, can I rent this out and do I have to pay any tax? A: It is not uncommon today to find times when one may have a spare room and renting this out can be a good means of bringing in some extra income without some of the liabilities which comes with renting your whole property though for example an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST).... Read More

My neighbours garden looks unsightly what should I do? 04 June 2018

Q: I am trying to sell / rent my out my property and the neighbours" garden is very off putting, what do you suggest I do about it? A: Within this profession you get to see many properties for both sell and to rent where the immediate neighbours properties are a bit of an eye sore and this makes one think, how will I be able to sell / rent with things looking like they do.... Read More

Q & A on Inventory & conditions reports 30 April 2018

Q: When you decide to rent a Property, the tenant will typically be presented with an inventory at the start of the tenancy, what is the purpose of such a document and what should be do with this ? A: An inventory details what items are provided with a property at the start of a tenancy.... Read More

Q & A on tenancy applications 10 April 2018

Q: I am looking to rent my first property and need to know what can I expect to be asked on the application form once I have found a property to let? A: You will find that all letting agents will have an application process which you will need to follow once you have found a suitable property to rent through them.... Read More

AST abolished in Scotland, will England follow soon? 16 January 2018

Yes the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST) has been abolished in Scotland from 1st December 2017, under the Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Act 2016. This has been replaced by a Private Residential Tenancy (PRT). The problem found with the classic AST is that Landlords can give notice to their tenants via a S21 without providing a reason.... Read More

A week in politics 02 October 2017

You have heard the term, it has been quite a week in politics, well put another way it will have been quite a week in our housing market if recent government, opposition and Bank of England announcements transpire into fruition. Last Wednesday Jeremy Corbyn the Labour leader at their party conference re-iterated that his party was becoming the new centre ground with his views that were often seen as on the fringe now becoming fundamental vote winners especially with the younger generations - those affected most by the capitalist model that is showing signs of cracking at the sides.... Read More

Gas Safe Week 18 to 24 September 2017 19 September 2017

This week is Gas Safety Week, so I thought that I would cover the importance of having an up to date gas safety certificate and the penalties should this be lacking. This is now in its 7th year and is designed to make more people aware of poorly maintained gas appliances which can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.... Read More